Tesis durant la segona quinzena de març

Universitat Ramon LlullUn alumne de l’Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Electrònica i Informàtica La Salle ha completat el seu doctorat a la segona quinzena del mes de març. La seva qualificació ha estat excel.lent cum laude.


Jordi Margalef Marrugat (La Salle) La docència d’enginyeria electrònica: directrius per al disseny de la instrucció presencial i a distància ha estat dirgida per Guillem Bou Bouzà:

The main goal of this thesis is to discuss whether it is possible to substitute learning in a classroom setting for learning out of the classroom setting via online training systems. Parting from this concept, the two main ideas this thesis deals with are how a simulator can cover the teaching of practical aspects and the rules we can apply to non attended learning and instruction within a virtual laboratory. In order to provide solidity to the conclusions offered we have revised the theories on learning, choosing those which are easier to apply to the teaching of practical contents. This theoretical setting will allow us to provide instructions for the creation of virtual laboratories within the Engineering studies. Our aim is to show that effective teaching and learning processes are so because they are based on coherent explanations related to how the person learns (and how, parting from this, the teacher teaches). Besides the doors it opens for research and the contributions it makes to future work, this thesis does an in depth revision of the Electronics subject, following the work process presented up to now:

-Revision of previous theory (learning and knowledge of abstract concepts)

-Application to the specific matter and centre (bringing theory closer to the daily teaching practice)

-Experimental validation (nearly experimental design and results analysis)

-Achievement of rules for instructional design